Joe Bianchi

Joe Bianchi
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Terry Joe and Jeff
Joe Bianchi, lead guitar and lead vocals
Terry Armistead, guitar and lead vocals
Jeff Armistead, keys and vocals
Brian Loftus, drums
Bob Masters, bass.

Joe Bianchi and Terry Armistead, brother and sister duo grew up playing music together…both their parents are musicians so evenings were spent playing guitar and singing. The TV didn’t work so well anyway. …Sister-brother duo Terry Armistead and Joe Bianchi grew up with a folk singing, guitar playin’, beer drinking father and a piano playin’, church singin’ mother with a voice like an angel. It was hard not to be influenced by their music as TV was nonexistent in the Vermont hills and playing guitars and singing was the activity every evening. Their Dad still claims that the Kingston Trio stole one of his songs back when he was opening for them in “the Village” in the 60’s.
Expect to hear just about anything on a typical night. They’ve been known to throw down some Zeppelin and Emmylou Harris in the same set. Hey…they’re from Vermont….they do what they want.

Some Devil We Don’t Know
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