Brendan McKinney’s Original Music Project “Six Gun’s of Production”

About The Project

Joe Bianchi
Vince Melamed
Scott Rednor
Brian Armstrong
Dave Tucker
Johnny Schleper
Brendan McKinney


With the addition of the track, “Get On With It,” from the last of the initial ‘Six Gun’ producers, Dave Tucker, the first stage of this project is complete. Share where you can. We will be adding simple videos along the way, to promote the individual tracks and the project as a whole.

Please check out the pages, listen, enjoy and share! The venmo and pay pal links are on each respective page. Thanks for your support!

*****More updates to come*****

Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I appreciate and respect all the talent that’s involved in this project and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to connect, through music, during what has been some dog days of isolation. The producers …the musicians all have brought their unique brands of talent to these songs. I think your gonna like the Six Guns of Production project.
If you can afford it and you feel so inclined please support the talents and efforts of these ‘musos’ in any way you can (i.e. Venmo, Paypal, Positive feed back). The project is all laid out here on this site and it is continuing to grow. Let it settle on you…let it sink in. It’s kept me moving forward. Feeling grateful … I hope you find something positive here and it sticks with you!

Thank you,
Brendan McKinney

Brendan McKinney(Brendan McKinney and The 99 Brown Dogs) Improvises Amidst New Normal

Brendan McKinney(Brendan McKinney and The 99 Brown Dogs), Eagle Colorado based singer/songwriter and performer has created a new co-operative original music project amidst the Covid-19 outbreak called Six Guns of Production.   McKinney is drawing on the musically rich talent of the Vail Valley and beyond.

McKinney, was playing 7 to 8 live shows a week here in the Vail Valley when the plug was pulled around March 14th, 2020.  “I missed performing almost immediately and I initially thought that there were only limited ways to respond to the shutdown,” says McKinney.


McKinney gave it some more thought.  In addition to doing live streams on Facebook, one of McKinney’s responses to the situation was to reach out to other musicians with an idea for a “socially distanced” recording project.


“Writing and recording originals is a big part of what I do,” says McKinney, “and with the help of musicians here in the valley I’ve been trying to keep those plates spinning.”

In addition to regularly performing live, McKinney, who has made his living through music for close to 30 years now, was recording regularly with Joe Bianchi at Mintown Studios, and with Scott Rednor in his studio, Rock House, when social distancing took hold.  Both studios are located in the Vail Valley.

McKinney is coordinating his efforts with Rednor and Bianchi, on the Six Guns project, as well as, with local VailValley performers Dave Tucker and Johnny Schleper.

“Dave and I have talked about recording together for a couple years, the timing seems perfect now” says McKinney, “and when I ran the idea by Johnny from out of the blue … to his credit he didn’t blink.  I’m glad he is on board. I’m truly knocked out with what each person has come up with … not only the project producers but all the talented musicians that are contributing.”

In addition, hit songwriter, Vince Melamed in LA and a touring road dog and friend from Copenhagen Denmark, Brian Armstrong are adding their production talents to the project.  

Six different artists in all.

“I’m calling the project Six Guns of Production, ” says McKinney.  ” I sent each of these guys at least one of my originals (with Vince it was some of our co-writes).”  

All have agreed to add production to each respective recording that McKinney has initiated from his own home studio set up.  Additionally, Vail Valley musicians Terry Armistead, Michael Jude, John Michel, Larry Dutmer, Dave Anderson and Mark Levy are all contributing to the project.

“It’s still a work in progress.  Let’s see where it goes from here.   I hope everybody continues to just has fun with it.” says McKinney.

Traveling and performing around the US and abroad over the years, has provided McKinney with many opportunities to work with others in the studio and record his originals.   


The Six Guns of Production project is a way for McKinney to continue doing that.   “Fortunately all of the musicians I asked have agreed to share their talent,” says McKinney, “the enthusiasm for the songs and the whole project has been encouraging.  Just hearing the productions so far has been a charge. And there are others joining in from Nashville to Norway.”


Hit song writer, Vince Melamed is also contributing to the project.    “Vince has amazing production skills.  He produced a song we co-wrote on my last record, ‘Someone Else’s Blues’, which really blew me away,” says McKinney, “this opportunity to do it again with more songs Vince and I wrote together is truly a blessing.” 

“Everyone is actively involved in their own projects.” Says McKinney. 

Joe Bianci just recently did a ‘Ghost Light Show’ at the Vilar Center with his band Turntable Review, and along with his band mate and sister, Terry Armistead, is getting back to regularly performing live. “Terry’s singing is excellent.” says McKinney, ” can’t wait to you hear the final mix she is on.”

Scott Rednor owns the Shakedown bar in Vail and is always performing and recording with his band, Brother’s Keeper and others. He is working with the town of Vail producing a free concert series of at least 30 shows that includes an assortment of other artists. Also, a new record combining the talents of Rednor, Michael Jude and John Michel (who are the core of Brother’s Keeper) is in the works with contributions from a wide network of A list players. “Scott and those guys are very creative,” says McKinney.

Johnny Schleper has just done a ‘Ghost Light Show’ at the Vilar Center with his band as well, and is gearing up for his regular live performing schedule this summer.

Dave Tucker is already performing three shows a week at the Red Lion in Vail. Tucker is an extremely versatile and soulful musician who excels at live performance with loops and innovation.

Vince Melamed, who is currently based out of LA, has flourished as a writer and performer in both LA and Nashville for many decades.  His accolades include playing and touring with Jimmy Buffett, recording with Bob Dylan as well as other numerous collaborations with well-known recording artists. Melamed is currently elbow deep in his own production work and is in regular demand for many ‘Voice Over’ projects.

Brian Armstrong, who is currently on hiatus from what would normally be a busy touring schedule with the popular festival band, Brophy’s Law, in Europe, is busy with recording projects and gearing up for a return to performing live. “Working with Brian always leads to more inspiration, ‘ says McKinney, “I’ve recorded a lot of simple guitar/vocal originals at his Back Porch studio while on the road in Denmark. The simple approach allows us to cover a lot of ground.”


“The fact that everyone has dedicated their talent and time from their already busy schedules is really what has made this project a success.” says McKinney.


McKinney has had a few of the songs in store for a while, but most of the songs included in the project were only recently written by him.

“I pitch what I’ve written and recorded where and when it’s appropriate as often as I can”.  says McKinney, “In fact one of the tracks I recorded with Joe Bianchi called One More , was recently picked up for synch licensing.” 

McKinney has had success with his original recordings over the years, with placement in film (Lean On Pete 2018) and TV (Shameless, Justfied and United States of Tara to name a few) as well as with publishing in Nashville. He is currently signed with Rip tide Music in LA.

“I appreciate and respect all the talent that’s involved here. I’m grateful for this opportunity to connect with everyone through the Six Guns of Production project.’ says McKinney.   The project is continuing to expand. I hope to pay it forward to others in any way I can.”